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mesa, arizona

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Scoutmaster Minute


As Scoutmaster of the best Troop in Mesa there are great moments and hard work. The great moments include the blessing of watching our scouts grow in ability, stature, and character as they become men. The hard work is the hours spent each year on preparation, planning, details and more details.

Most days it is worth it, but some days I get tired and wonder; "What would I do with the extra hours each year?"

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those that have shown me favor in the last couple months. Thank you for a supportive comment, a trip to Alaska, a discounted car repair, a free part for my A/C.

Another one of those great moments is feeling appreciated.

Scout Tip

Remember C O L D

Clean - dirty clothes loose their loft and get you cold.

Overheat - never get sweaty, strip off layers to stay warm but no too hot.

Layers - Dress in synthetic layers for easy temperature control.

Dry - wet clothes (and sleeping bags) also loose their insulation.