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Scoutmaster Minute

The Importance Of Routine

In this week's Scoutmaster Minute, I want to talk about how your daily routine can strengthen your family. This week's Scoutmaster minute one parent to another.

I get my Scoutmaster Minute materials from several different sources, this week my source is Mark Merrill of Family First. The full article is worth reading.

Many times as busy parents we turn on the autopilot button and fall into our daily routines. But, if we fail to plan then we plan to fail. Let's rethink our routines and do better.

1) First Things First: Prioritize in the morning.

2) Words Matter: Choose them wisely and use them.

3) Building in Space: Unwind and then engage with family.

4) A Heads-up Helps: Talk with your spouse before you arrive.

5) Helping Helps: Choose to help everyday, make memories.

Small changes in your routine can make big difference over time. As a parent of a NoneBetter Scout, I would challenge to you to be NoneBetter.

Scoutmaster Beeman

Scout Tip

Class A

Class A uniform for Troop 301 consists of garrison cap, class A shirt, scout pants and belt and scout socks. This Friday we will be doing full class A inspection for Camporee, be sure to "Be Prepared".